What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. The technology allows the conversion of scanned image files to text.

What input file formats are supported?

OCR Convert supports JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and multi-page PDF files.

Do I have to optimize my images before I upload them?

We do automatic image preprocessing optimizaton before the image is fed to the OCR engine. We reduce background noise and adjust the resolution. The only thing left is to deskew the image if the skew is more than 10°.

Will OCR Convert preserve the layout of my document?

No, At the moment we only support conversion into text format.

My images contain text, but the results are not very good?

For best results, use high-resolution documents. If the document contains color fonts or background, try uploading a black and white version. However, if you think your image is good enough to get usable results you can email us your image and we'll try to improve the results.

I have a big number of files to process!

OCR convert supports simultaneous upload/processing of up to 5 files, we may increase this limit in future.

Does the service recognize handwritten text?

OCR Convert is designed to convert only typewritten text. Processing documents which contain handwriting will not produce satisfactory results.

Is this service confidential?

We do not require any personal details. Your documents are automatically deleted after the conversion and will not be given to third parties, however, it's still your responsibility not to upload any confidential files as we cannot be held responsible for any confidential data.

I can't find my question here!

For any questions please email us by using our Contact Form.